DIARC® Dialub and DIARC® Miclub coatings can multiply the service life of

precision components and ensure reliable operation of machines and equipment.


Suitable applications for DIARC® coatings in the field of wear protection include

•  pump rotors and housings
•  shaft sealing surfaces and wear sleeves
•  guides and slides
•  wearing parts of textile machines


Pumps and valves


DIARC® Dialub protects the precision components of pumps and valves from wear

and prevents seizure of sliding surfaces. Its high hardness provides good protection

against abrasive wear and cavitation erosion.


Guides and slides


DIARC® Miclub multiplies the service life of slide and guide surfaces on machines

and equipment. It can be deposited on hardened steel parts and as well on components

made of stainless steel, titanium and superalloy materials.