Tools coated with DIARC® coatings  last longer, speed up production and increase

productivity. The quality of final products is constant and manufacturing costs are



DIARC® Diamond


In the diamond-like ta-C structure of DIARC® Diamond coating, excellent wear resistance

properties and low friction are combined. It is an ideal solution for cutting tools for labels,

films, foils and packaging materials.


DIARC® Diadura


The coating is developed for machining and moulding applications where ultimate tough-

ness and endurance is needed. It is particularly suitable for the machining of composite

materials, aluminium alloys and other light alloys, and for knife and die cutting tools for

fibre materials.


DIARC® Flexo


This elastic, highly bendable coating combines great hardness with excellent release

properties. It is developed for cutting knives and dies for highly abrasive film and foil

materials, and for cutting tools for synthetic fibres.


DIARC® Cromo


The coating combines great hardness with excellent release properties. DIARC® Cromo is

the solution for two-component plastic moulding applications.


DIARC® Titan


Coating for heat sensitive tool materials if high sharpness and wear resistance are needed.