DIARC® Coatings  improve the efficiency of production and ensure excellent and
uniform quality of the final products. They minimize your tool costs and speed up your
throughput time.


DIARC® Diamond


DIARC’s tetrahedrally bonded ta-C diamond like coating combines great hardness and
low friction with excellent thermal stability which make it ideal for machining and forming
of stainless steel and aluminium as well as for cutting of paper and cardboard materials.




The coating is for machining and moulding applications where ultimate toughness and
endurance are needed. It is particularly suitable for the machining of steel and PCB


DIARC® Titan


It is good for applications such as machining of low alloyed steels and molding of plastic
materials with a high filler content. It is also applicable for heat sensitive tool materials.


DIARC® Cromo


The coating combines great hardness with an excellent release property. It is a solution
for two-component plastic moulding applications.


DIARC® Flexo


DIARC® Flexo is your choice for die cutting applications when good release properties
together with high wear resistance are needed.