DIARC Technology Oy introduces a new job coating unit DIARC® DVCS 200
based on the proven DIARC® FCAPAD Coating Technology.


What makes a difference in DIARC® FCAPAD compared to other PVD coating
methods is that it combines filtered cathodic arc technology with plasma
acceleration. There is no other PVD technique which makes such dense and
well-adhered coating structures as DIARC® FCAPAD, and all this at a very low
temperature (< 100 ºC).


DIARC® FCAPAD is also an enviromentally friendly vacuum coating process that
saves energy and raw materials.


Now this technique is available not only for metal nitride and diamond like carbon
films but also for novel functional nanocarbon and metal oxide films. Read more
on functional applications or contact us.