Uncoated                    Coated




On a plastic surface coated with DIARC® Diamond, water does not form droplets but spreads evenly across the surface.




DIARC® Electro enables efficient attenuation

of electrostatic discharges (ESD) taking place

on the surfaces of insulation materials. Low

mobility of electrons in the coating’s nano-

structure prevents sparking efficiently and this

way reduces interference effects on measure-

ments and protects delicate components from



DIARC® Diamond makes the surface of

plastics hydrophilic, causing water to spread

evenly on the surface without forming droplets.This means that the coating has, for

example, excellent anti-fogging properties.

A surface coated with Diamond dries faster

because it is hydrophilic and has high thermal

conductivity.The coating can also be used to

guide moisture to desired areas. The effect

on the coated surfaces is permanent, which

allows long stoage times and long service life

for the coated products.


DIARC® Diamond causes the contact angle of water on polyethylene to decrease, causing the water to spread more easily across the surface.