DIARC® Dialub and DIARC® Miclub low friction coatings improve efficiency, ensure reliable operation and reduce the running costs.


Suitable applications for DIARC® coatings in the field of sliding fits include

•  cam rollers and swash plates of hydraulic motors
•  bearing races
•  sealing and guide surfaces of pistons and valves
•  guideways and joint pins


Bearing surfaces


DIARC® Dialub prevents seizure and micropitting of surfaces and ensures reliable operation of bearings and power transmission surfaces.


Valve components


DIARC® Miclub is deposited on the bearing and sealing surfaces of valves as a wear protection and low friction coating to ensure reliable operation of valves. For example, coating the spools of control valves operated with dry compressed air can ensure trouble-free operation of the servo valves. The control of processes is reliable and safe.