DIARC® Diadura and DIARC® Diamond

improve the functionality of sheet metal tools

and the quality of manufactured parts. Coated

tools last longer and prevent cold welding of

the worked material on tool surfaces.


The dimensional accuracy and surface quality

of final products is good. The yield of

production is improved and manufacturing

costs are reduced.


Trimming and forming of sheet metals


DIARC® Diadura is hard and durable coating

multiply the service life of work surfaces.

Zinc, stainless steel, aluminium and other

sticky materials do not stick and build up on

the coated surface. The need for tool clean-

ing and maintenance is significantly reduced.


Bending and drawing tools for profiles

and wires


DIARC® Diadura is an excellent and durable

coating for drawing, bending and cutting tools

made of cemented carbide.


Slickness, toughness and high wear and heat

resistance of the coating ensure good perfor-

mance of the tools in long runs also when

forming high strength materials.


Sliding surfaces for molding and progressive die tools


Durable and slick DIARC® Diamond coating prevents the guide and fitting surfaces of

moulding and progressive die tools from

sticking. Tools work precisely and reliably

even in the longest production runs.