Low friction and excellent wear resistance are the common properties found in DIARC®

Dialub and DIARC® Miclub coatings for power transmission. They improve efficiency and

reduce energy consumption, especially when the speed of motion is low.




The low-friction DIARC® Dialub coating reduces the friction between power transmission

surfaces and improves the efficiency of machines. The surfaces will run in smoothly and the

resistance against micropitting on the rolling and sliding surfaces that operate under heavy

loads will be significantly improved.


Lead screws and worm gears


DIARC® Miclub is an excellent coating for both lead screws and the worm screws of worm

gears. It reduces friction at low speeds, such as when starting off and driving slowly. Because

the friction coefficient of lubricated Miclub surface against steel is lower than that of tin bronze,

expensive bronze components can be replaced with more durable and cheaper steel