Low friction and excellent wear resistance are the common properties found in

DIARC® Dialub and DIARC® Miclub coatings for sealing surfaces.


Ceramic valves and pump components


The durability and low friction of DIARC® Miclub make it an ideal solution for the

sealing and bearing surfaces of ceramic valves operating in water conditions. The

torque required to adjust the valves remains low even after lubricating grease has



Suitable applications for DIARC® Miclub include

•  ceramic control discs of water taps
•  sealing surfaces of ceramic valves
•  sliding surfaces of ceramic pistons


Mechanical seals and bearings


DIARC® Dialub reduces the friction of silicon carbide and cemented carbide surfaces.

The surfaces remain slick also if lubrication is temporarily interrupted. Thanks to its

high wear and temperature resistance, this coating is an excellent solution to improve

the reliability of mechanical seals and bearings made of cemented carbide and

ceramic materials.