Low friction and excellent wear resistance are the common properties found in DIARC® Diamond, DIARC® Miclub and DIARC® Drylub coatings. They improve efficiency and
ensure reliable operation which will significantly reduce the running costs. DIARC®
Diamond is your solution when ultimate wear resistance is needed. DIARC® Miclub is optimised for lubricated operation, and DIARC® Drylub is a solution for dry conditions
and high temperature applications.


DIARC® Miclub


The performance of DIARC® Miclub is based on the high surface energy and ta-C micro-
structure. It can efficiently reduce friction even under minimal lubrication conditions. It gives improved performance in engine and hydraulic components for power transmission as well
as on bearings, guides and sealing surfaces.


DIARC® Drylub


The surface structure of DIARC® Drylub is optimised to give low friction in absolutely dry conditions such as in a vacuum. It also gives improved performance for components in high temperature applications when lubricants can not be used.