Low friction and excellent wear resistance are the common properties found in

DIARC® Dialub and DIARC® Miclub coatings. They improve efficiency and ensure

reliable operation of machines and devices reducing the running costs significantly.


DIARC® Dialub


The nanostructure of DIARC® Dialub is optimised to perform also in the most

extreme conditions. It reduces friction and improves wear resistance also in high

temperature applications where the use of lubricants is limited. The coating gives

improved performance in power transmission components, bearings, guides and

hydraulic components.


DIARC® Miclub


The performance of DIARC® Miclub coating is based on the high surface energy

and ta-C -microstructure that improve the functionality of lubricants. It can efficiently

reduce friction even under boundary lubricated conditions. The coating is especially

suitable as a low friction coating for ceramic seals.