The hydrophilic nature of Bindo ensures that

the adhesive wets the surface properly. High

surface area improves the adhesion further.



DIARC® Adho enables brazing of metals to ceramics.


DIARC® Bindo is a novel nanocarbon coating

to improve the joining of materials.


DIARC® Bindo is a coating to improve the

bondability of the difficult-to-bond metals,

such as aluminium, titanium and stainless



Metal inserts coated with Bindo enable strong

adhesive joints with CFC, Nomex, Kevlar and

GRP composite materials.


The bondability of plastic materials (for exam-

ple, PE, PC/ABS and PTFE) and the strength

of the adhesive joint can be significantly im-

proved with DIARC® Bindo.


Components coated with Bindo can be stored

before adhesive bonding because the coating

does not age. Bindo can also be used to re-

place difficult primer treatments.




In its space applications, DIARC® Bindo is

used to ensure the strength of titanium and

carbon fibre joints in satellites’ solar panels.