With DIARC® Diamond and DIARC® Cromo

the functionality and durability of medical

instruments can be significantly improved.


Cutting instruments keep their original

sharpness because the thin and smooth

coatings do not make the cutting edges



Thanks to the low deposition temperature

(< 100 °C), also instruments made of heat

sensitive materials, such as carbon steel and

martensitic stainless steel, can be coated.


The coating colour can be adjusted so that

the instruments are better visible and

reflections that interfere precision work are



DIARC® Diamond makes the instruments’

surfaces dense and wear-resistant. Even the

most complex surfaces can be coated evenly

and all edges remain sharp.


Bacteria does not adhere to the dense and

inert coating. Because the surface is anti-

allergenic, it is suitable for direct skin contact.


DIARC® Cromo combines great hardness

with excellent release properties. For

example, the coating prevents acrylic-based

polymers from sticking on Cromo coated