DIARC® coating service

DIARC-Technology Oy manufactures thin-film coatings that improve the functionality and durability of our customers’ products.


DIARC® coatings can introduce new properties on products. They can, for example, protect the surface, keep it cleaner, or make it slicker and more wear-resistant. They can be used to improve joining of materials or to make the surfaces to sense temperature and pressure.


We manufacture our coatings with our unique DIARC® FCAPAD coating method that features low deposition temperature and enables versatile properties of the coatings.


Let us help you to find the best coating solu-
tion for your needs.

Latest News


DIARC Technology Oy becomes part of Oerlikon Balzers, joining a world technology leader in surface solutions. Continue …


For our DIARC® family of diamond-like coatings, we have developed two new coatings with a wider area of application.


DIARC® Diadura is a new gradient structured coating for tools especially suitable for machining and forming applications.


DIARC® Dialub is a low friction coating designed for components featuring a wide service temperature range.


For more information about our coatings, please visit DIARC® coatings.


Brochures of new DIARC® coatings are now available in PDF format for download from Media.