DIARC® FCAPAD method makes it possible to deposit functional coatings for sensing temperature and strain, for high thermal conductivity, for diffusion barriers and for hydrophilic, antistatic or easy-to-clean surfaces. Due to low deposition temperature, functional coatings can be deposited on all kinds of materials.



Surface adaptation


DIARC® Diamond when antistatic or hydrophilic surface is needed.

DIARC® Electro for ESD attenuation.




Intelligent surfaces


DIARC® Senso for piezoresistive sensing of temperature, pressure or strain.




Joining and stiffening of materials


DIARC® Bindo for adhesive bonding of metal, plastic and composite materials.


DIARC® Diamond for stiffening thin metal and plastic films.



Surface protection


DIARC® Duro for corrosion protection.