DIARC® Diamond ja DIARC® Diadura are the

right solutions for tool applications when low

friction, sharpness and wear resistance are



Their low friction prevents sticky materials,

such as aluminium and stainless steel, to cold

weld on tools.


The smooth and thin film does not round the

cutting edges and it provides excellent sur-

face finish. Great hardness ensures that the

cutting edges remain sharp longer even when

working with highly abrasive materials.


Due to the low friction of these coatings, the

cutting speed and feed rate can be increased

significantly. This makes production more

efficient and reduces manufacturing costs.


Suitable applications for tools coated with

DIARC® coatings include


•  machining of aluminium and light alloys

•  machining of stainless steel and superalloys

•  machining of solid and wood fibre boards

•  cutting of fibre-reinforced composites


Machining of aluminium alloys


DIARC® Diadura is an excellent coating

choice for machining soft and hard aluminium

alloys. When milling soft and sticky AlSi1

aluminium alloys, the feed rate can be

doubled while the service life of the cutters is

multiplied. Tools coated with Diadura work

well also for machining hard aluminium

alloys. For example, when milling die-cast AlSi13 components, the cutters can last up

to five times longer than uncoated cemented

carbide cutters.


Cutting of fibre-reinforced composites


The hard and tough DIARC® Diamond

coating provides significant benefits on tools

for metal and fibre-reinforced composite

laminates. The durable coating keeps the cutting edges sharp, preventing delamination

and splintering of fibre layers when drilling –

a common problem caused by dull tools.