DIARC® Diamond, Diadura and Titan coatings are used for cutting tool applications where

high sharpness and excellent wear resistance are needed. The thin and smooth coatings do

not make the cutting edges round. These extremely hard coatings keep the edges sharp

longer, that results in smooth cuts and less dusting even during very long runs.


Thanks to the low deposition temperature (< 100 °C), these coatings can well be deposited

on tools made of heat sensitive materials, such as carbon steel and martensitic stainless

steel, and on tools with adhesive bonded cemented carbide cutting inserts.


Applications for cutting tools coated with DIARC® coatings include

•  slitting of packaging and printing cardboard materials

•  manufacturing of labels and tags

•  manufacturing of packages

•  cutting of film, foil and fibre materials

•  die cutting of nonwoven products

•  cutting of food products


Longitudinal cutting knives and cutting dies


DIARC® Diadura secures long service life of cemented carbide tools used for longitudinal

cutting of food packaging and printing cardboard materials. Due to the long, reliable service

life of the cutting tools, their replacement does not cause extra downtime because they can

be scheduled to coincide with planned maintenance shutdowns.


Diadura is excellent for die cutting applications including, for example, cemented carbide rotary

dies used in the manufacture of nonwoven hygiene products, and the cutting cylinders and cut-

ting die inserts of high-capacity cutters used in liquid and pharmaceutical package applications.


Knives, cutting die bands and flexible thin plate dies


DIARC® Flexo is developed for cutting tools for plastic films, synthetic fibres and foils. It

extends the replacement interval of cutting tools also when cutting highly abrasive materials,

such as polyester film pigmented with TiO2.


Flexo is your choice for coating cutting die rules and flexible thin plate dies when good release

properties together with high wear resistance are needed.


DIARC® Titan is a good choice for cutting tools made of heat sensitive materials, such as

martensitic stainless steel and carbon steel.