Since 1993 DIARC-Technology has been manufacturing coatings based on the DIARC®
FCAPAD method. This has enabled the production of ta-C structured amorphous diamond,
functional carbon and metal nanocomposite thin films as well as ultra-dense metal nitride
and metal oxide coatings and all this at a very low deposition temperature (< 100 ºC).


Our products are super-low friction and high wear-resistant amorphous diamond, metal nitride
and metal oxide coatings for tools, components and decorations. We make functional coatings
for surface adaptation, for advanced functionality and the protection of surfaces.


Whatever the surface application, DIARC-Technology will assist you with the product planning,
help you with the surface design and testing and is committed to take care of the job coating
and manufacturing for your needs.

Our service consists of

Application R&D
Job coating service
Process development
Coating systems design