DIARC® Dialub and DIARC®

Miclub coatings enhance the

performance and durability of engines, bearings, guides, hy-

draulic and power transmission

components, and mechanical



DIARC® Miclub


DIARC® Miclub reduces friction

in lubricated contacts. Due to

the high surface energy and

ta-C microstruc ture of the coat-

ing, lubricant film remains on the

sliding surface also under bound-

ary lubricated conditions at high



The coating enhances the perfor-

mance of engine and hydraulic

components as well as bearings,

guides and sealing surfaces.


DIARC® Dialub


Optimised nanostructure makes

DIARC® Dialub both durable and

tough, and it reduces friction and

improves wear resistance. The

coating is suitable for extreme

conditions, especially in high

temperature applications where

the use of lubricants is limited

and loads are high.