DIARC® diamond-like hard carbon coatings and metal nitride and metal oxide coatings extend the service life of tools and components while improving their functionality and reliability.


DIARC® coatings for components and tools include


•  DIARC® Dialub ja DIARC® Miclub component



•  DIARC® Diamond , DIARC® Diadura,

   DIARC® Cromo, DIARC® Titan and

   DIARC® Flexo tool coatings


DIARC® functional coatings are solutions to improve the surface properties of materials, to sense surface conditions, such as temperature and strain, or to join dissimilar materials together.


•  DIARC® Senso for measuring strain and temperature
•  DIARC® Electro for ESD attenuation
•  DIARC® Diamond for making surfaces hydrophilic
•  DIARC® Bindo for joining of materials
•  DIARC® Duro for corrosion protection


We also manufacture metal and carbon coatings for decoration and metallisation applications.


All DIARC® coatings are made with the environmentally friendly DIARC® FCAPAD process at a low, below

100 ºC temperature.


Due to low deposition temperature, the process works well for all kinds of materials, from plastics to metals and ceramics.


We make coatings for