DIARC® ta-C diamond like carbon, metal nitride and
metal oxide coatings, are made with the environmen-
tally friendly DIARC® FCAPAD low temperature vacuum
deposition process. This works well for all kind of mate-
rials, from plastics to metals and ceramics.


The microstructure of DIARC® Miclub is optimized for
operation with lubricants. It efficiently reduces friction
and minimizes energy consumption even under bound-
ary lubricated conditions.


The excellent wear resistance and low friction of
DIARC® Diamond extends the service life of tools and
components and improves the functionality and the


DIARC® Duro is developed for machining and moulding
applications where ultimate toughness and endurance is


DIARC® Cromo combines great hardness with an
excellent release property. It is a solution for two-
component moulding applications.


DIARC® Titan is good for carbon steel and low alloyed
steel cutting and forming applications.


DIARC® Flexo is your choice for die cutting applications
when good release properties together with high wear
resistance are needed.


DIARC®Functional Coatings are solutions to improve
the surface properties of materials, to sense surface
conditions such as temperature and strain or to join
dissimilar materials together.


We also manufacture metal and carbon coatings for
decorative and energy applications.


We make coatings for